Acts of Speech

Acts of Speech is a volume of religious poetry that explores performative, public, and private religious speech and how they construct identity and difference. It blends praise poetry primarily in honor of various Hellenic Gods, including Apollon, the Mousai, Hermes, and Mnemosyne, with more private poems in a tense dance of parasociality and intimacy. Above all, it is a time capsule of experiences frozen in syllable, verse, and image.

Ebook: Gumroad (mobi, pdf, epub) or  most ebook stores. Please use Gumroad’s mobi if you plan to read on an Amazon device.

Print book: Anywhere that sells print books! Just ask them to carry ISBN 9781735740614. (USA) and Amazon (many countries) will sell this book, too. Here’s a Google search for the ISBN that can help you.


Acts of Speech book cover





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  • Ash Shades” in The Society of Misfit Stories Presents … (February 2019)